• About App

    We ‘NETIZENS’ believe in Application, in short apps, along one touch revolution. From bill pay to movie streaming, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Insta-- all are happening by a touch. As ‘Am Virgin’ is a start-up company and its target viewers are young and fresh, despite of this in mind we have expanded our window as per their need. If we get everything under one roof then we run behind it. As example, shopping mall, this gives us complete pleasure for fulfilling our necessity. Alike our Apps has 4 windows of content under one roof. Those windows are: Fiction, Non-Fiction, A Royal Film Festival and Shoppers’ Stop.


    Content based on Web Series, Short Film, Web Film, Drama and 18+

    Non Fiction

    Reality Shows, Gossip Junction, Makings

    Royal Film Festival

    It is globally accredited festival, which will be held on Lucknow during winter time.


    Who are shopping freaks, good news for them. Am Virgin platform will bring exclusive deals for Virgin Subscriber.