Necromurder: A Black Metal Story

18+ | Web film | Drama | English


NECROMURDER is an over-the-top, rocking, horror/comedy written, directed and acted by Pablo C. Vergara. The movie focuses on the black metal genre of music and it’s inspired by a real crime that shook the metal world in the early nineties. ‘The Setting’, or the first chapter of the movie, has been shot and COMPLETED. The second and third chapters will include ‘The Conflict’ and ‘The Resolution’ of the story and that’s where we’re trying to raise funds for! It will also include…zombies! Trips to the Underworld, Voodoo Witch Doctors, vampires, and, of course, a totally badass and unique, orchestral, metal soundtrack all wrapped up in an eighties style horror packed adventure!


Cast :  Pablo C. Vergara

Director :  Pablo C. Vergara