12+ | Web film | Adventure | HIndi


This is the story of shiva a 25yr old guy who lives in Delhi with his happy, healthy family, loving girlfriend (Ananya) and a best friend (JAY). story start where he is already bankrupt because of his wrong decision in his business, even after his parents, girlfriend and best friend suggestion not to take this decision he go against every one and face loss.   now his stupid mistake and huge loss is the hot gossip of market, his father stop taking to him and he had a fight with his girlfriend, this lead shiva to huge guilt and head toward depression where his best friend JAY plan a trip with his two friends (dev and abhishek) and ask him to come with him but on first call he refuse but then the situation got so overheaded that he took a decision to go on trip which change his perception about his loss and life.   This trip is the up down of these 4 guys [shiva, jay, dev and abhishek(pumpee)] where they enjoy road trip, rafting, trekking, explore and bunjee jumping.

Cast :  Aijaz A Shaikh, Charlie Chauhan, Arti Shrivastav, Rajkumar Verma, Tarun Jaispal, Chandan Raj, Abhishek bharadwaj, Akash, Krishna kumar dasadia

Director :  Aijaz A shaikh