Ram Needs 75

12+ | Web film | Drama | English


A very passionate student for the field he chose, Ram is not satisfied with what is provided from his course, which adds on reasons for him to miss classes lavishly by being late to class and bunking for significant reasons unaware about the consequences, and he eventually runs short of adequate attendance to pass the semester. His friends Ron and Chamcha set a plot to save Ram. The trio disperses that night and the next dawn breaks with Ram not in class again! Days go by in Ram’s unexplained absence. Hence the question arises ‘where is Ram?’ ‘How does missing more classes help Ram?’ The plot is set in the 80s and discusses one of the major problems of a student, “75% attendance” and the ignorance of the management about certain rules and their impact on the students. The story is a creative nonfiction that deals with real issues of students in a fictitious plotting.


Cast :  Ashish Ramnani, Sumeet R Borana, Ashline K Shaju, Mohit Maheshwari

Director : Rameez Poyil