The Blue Helmet

18+ | Show | Thriller | Hindi


A UN Motercycle Helmet Study in 2017 shows that they can prevent about 15,000 two-wheeler annual deaths in India. Hence, four out of 10 motorcyclists can be saved from crashes if only they wear a helmet. It also specifies that helmets improve the chances of surviving accidents by 42 percent and helps riders to avoid injuries by 69 percent. This is especially important as the maximum number of road accident deaths happen in two-wheeler mishaps. While wearing a helmet while riding a two-wheeler, is in force by law, it is ineffective as the law fails to specify that the helmet needs to be fastened.


CAST  :   Hira Mehta, Yamuna, Arjan Singh Kalsi , Omkar Ketkar,  Rohan Sanctis

Director :  Mohanjeet Kalsi

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